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Why Dry Ice?

Why Dry Ice?

Because it is currently the only environmentally friendly way to clean industrial surfaces without abrasion or the use of chemical solvents.

Because the list of chemicals and solvents that cannot be used, or cannot be disposed of without costly restrictions, will increase.

Because production machinery and planning methods will improve the just in time capabilities of manufacturing plant, and on-line cleaning will be required to avoid costly cleaning stoppages.

Where to use Dry Ice?

On practically all surfaces that are strong enough to resist the forces applied to the surface by the impingement of the compressed air and the dry ice particles, and the sublimation force of the dry ice. The sublimation force, perhaps unexpectedly, can be the stronger, and can affect porous weak surfaces such as softwood, plaster based compounds and materials containing a high percentage of soft filler and/or colorant, as found in low cost plastic mouldings.

Where conventional cleaning causes unwanted changes to dimensions and surface finish.

Where conventional cleaning introduces unwanted moisture, chemical attack or is a safety hazard.

Why buy a Clean Surface Dry Ice Blaster?

Price The CSL System 2000 is not the cheapest blaster on the market, but it is very economical to run and gives the user a quick payback.
Running cost The running costs for a Clean Surface Blaster are low because it can run efficiently from existing shop air supply systems and does not need more than 30 kg dry ice to run continuously for one hour even with a large nozzle at full power.
Design All CSL equipment is designed and built under the control of our own experienced Engineers based at our works in Leicester, UK
Technical Advice The same Engineers that design our equipment provide our technical back up service. They only recommend dry ice blasting for applications that make economic sense.
Trials If we are not sure the CSL System will work well for an application, we run trials.
Demonstrations If you are not sure, we will arrange a demonstration.
Quality The blast unit is robustly fabricated, primarily from stainless steel, and uses only quality components that are readily available world wide.
Reliability Low maintenance requirements and easily sourced local spares ensure that the blast unit does not stand idle awaiting the importation of specialist components.
Service CSL Sales Engineers and Agents world wide are chosen to provide a high standard of both pre and post sales support.
Delivery Clean Surface aim to deliver from stock, but in periods of peak demand we must ask for your patience up to a maximum of 6 weeks.
Dry Ice Supplies CSL Produces dry ice from liquid CO2 in Leicester and supplies dry ice just in time, and on time, to meet customer’s schedules.
Finance We can help you to finance the purchase of our equipment or arrange leasing or rental contracts.
Guarantee We provide a 12 month guarantee on all components with ongoing support for all our customers
Customer Care We care about our Customers and want you to be satisfied with our products and services. If you need information we will respond!