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The Power of Ice


This picture shows “The Power of Dry Ice” The cleaning power is created by the rapid sublimation of the dry ice which shows up as water vapour streaks when caught by the camera.

Dry ice pellets which are pure solid carbon dioxide, are made by decompressing liquid CO2 to create CO2 snow. The snow is then compacted and extruded through a die plate to form solid CO2 pellets.

Dry ice is unstable above minus 78.6 °C at atmospheric pressure, but instead of melting into CO2 liquid when it warms up, it sublimes directly into CO2 gas. It is this sublimation process that creates the cleaning effect when dry ice is used as a blast medium.

During blasting the pellets are accelerated to speeds between 200 and 300 m/s using compressed air. They break up as they travel through the blaster and arrive at the work surface as fast moving pinhead sized particles. The particles embed themselves in the pores and cracks of any surface deposits and very quickly sublime into a much larger volume of CO2 gas. This rapid generation of gas within an enclosed space breaks up the surface deposit, releases its bond with the substrate and blows it away. The CO2 diffuses into the atmosphere leaving no debris other than the material removed, which is usually found as a fine dust.

Dry Ice is the safe way to clean:
No abrasion to metals and most other materials
No media ingress or debris
No chemical or solvent action
No media rebound and no secondary cleaning
Suitable for use in an open environment
Read on and see the Videos to find out what Dry Ice can do.