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On Site Services

Clean Surface does not offer on site cleaning services. We always refer contract site work to our increasing list of customers who are specialists in their field and offer a range of professional on site cleaning services, which includes dry ice.

We support our contractors by passing enquiries to them and providing in house and on site assistance when they are trialing new applications or need to train new operators.

If you are a cleaning contractor who would like to expand your range of cleaning processes, we would like to hear from you and discuss how we can provide the equipment you need to add dry ice to your portfolio with minimal capital outlay.

In House Services

Our facility in Leicester has two fully equipped cleaning bays for cleaning customer’s equipment on short turn round. Our clients, who stem from a wide range of industries regularly bring their components in for cleaning which are either charged on an agreed per piece rate or according to the actual time required to clean them to an agreed standard.

Weigher-bagging machine before and after cleaning

If you have a regular demand for dry ice cleaning but do not want to invest in setting up a cleaning bay please send us an example of your requirements. We will make a free of charge test and give you a fixed price for the job. We can also arrange for delivery and collection at reasonable rates if required.

Our handling facilities limit the size of items that we can process to L x W x H     3500 x 1800 x 1500 mm     Gross Weight 1.500 kg

Please call +44 116 224 0072 to make a booking for our in house cleaning service:

Research & Development Facility

Leicester Research


Development Facility

Compressor: Atlas Copco GA55 producing 8.4 m3/min free air at 10 bar.
Air receiver: Capacity 900 litres, max. pressure rating 14 bar.
Dryer: BroomWade refrigerant dryer Model BTD 275.
Test Area: Accoustic enclosure reducing exterior sound pressure level to 74 dB(A) at 1 metre from double doors. Equipped with filtered forced air extraction and facilities to carry out demonstrations and R & D.
Pressure Regulator SMC AR925-20G-X425
Flow Meter Flotech Solutions model 3809 with electronic readout.
CO2 Detector with Alarm Messer UK Infra-red CO2 monitor

This facility is used to:

  • Undertake basic research into the physics of dry ice cleaning.
  • Develop special blast nozzles and equipment for specific applications.
  • Check performance of production equipment.
  • Demonstrate dry ice blasting to potential customers and find solutions to their cleaning problems
  • Provide an in house cleaning service for customers. A second much larger cleaning bay has recently been added to cope with larger items.

We can help with the design of noise reducing enclosures of this type. Please call us on +44 116 224 0072 or e-mail sales@cleansurface.co.uk to find out more.