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For users who do not have a constant demand for dry ice cleaning, Clean Surface rent out a blasting machine together with all necessary accessories for either a weekly rate or any longer period. We also supply the dry ice, operator training and on site assistance, as required.


The standard rental set

To download a quotation for rental of a dry ice blaster set please click the link and complete the information request for our records. Please click here for the Terms & Conditions that apply We will follow up the enquiry in a business like manner, but we will not pass on your details to any third parties.

The rental quotation includes details on the cost of DioXice dry ice pellets, also manufactured by Clean Surface, when supplied as part of the complete rental package. For regular multiple deliveries, please call 0116 224 0072 or email as above for more information.

To arrange for the hire of equipment:

1) Please call +44 116 224 0072 or e-mail sales@cleansurface.co.uk and give details of your requirements and the date the hire should commence.

2) We will convert your requirements into a Hire Schedule which will show the total cost of hiring the equipment you need for the specified period and the payment terms. The Hire schedule which we will send you as a pdf file has a Hire Agreement attached (pages 3 and 4).

Download of a sample Hire Schedule

Download of sample Hire Agreement

3) If you wish to proceed with the hire as detailed in the Hire Schedule, please print out the Hire Agreement, complete it, sign it and return it with your purchase order and insurance confirmation to sales@cleansurface.co.uk. We will then contact you to arrange for any payment due in advance of the hire. If payment is made by transfer or cheque, please allow sufficient time for clearance of funds before the start of the hire. We  accept most major Credit and Debit cards against which we can react immediately.

4) Please remember we will be trusting you with a lot of valuable equipment so it is vitally important that it is adequately insured whilst on your premises. Cover for the blasting equipment only should be a minimum of £10.000, but if a compressor is also hired the minimum cover must be increased to £25.000. No hire equipment should be left unattended in a public place and must be locked in secure premises overnight. Equipment including Compressors can only be moved to other locations with our knowledge and permission which must be given in writing.

5) It is a condition of hire that we have a signed hire agreement, a valid purchase order, insurance confirmation and due payment before we can allow collection or delivery of hire equipment. If you wish to repeat hire on a frequent basis we will be pleased to consider setting up a hire account.

6) The amount shown on the hire schedule covers only the initial hire term and consumables as itemised. At the end of the hire period all outstanding amounts e.g. for addition dry ice, Diesel consumed, return transport etc and any hire extension will be invoiced. This invoice must be settled on the same terms agreed for the initial hire.

For more details on DioXice dry ice pellets and other applications for Dry ice, please go to www.dioxice.com