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System 2000 Dry ice Blaster

System 2000 Dry ice Blaster

Clean Surface System 2000:

Clean Surface Dry Ice Blasters are supplied with lightweight, trigger operated straight or angled nozzles. They incorporate full emergency safety features and operate entirely pneumatically on either plant air or air from mobile compressors. They use 3 mm dry ice pellets at the average rate of 30 kg/h and no electrical supply is required. They are fabricated from stainless steel to a high standard of finish and carry the CE safety mark.

The standard System 2000 Blaster is supplied with a choice of two nozzles  which will be selected to suit your application and compressed air availability. Please refer to the page “What you Need” for more information on nozzle sizes and compressed air options, and to the links below which show the different nozzle geometries that can be supplied.

All Clean Surface Blasters are designed to operate using dry clean compressed air. It is recommended that the air is filtered and dried to a dew point of not more than 4°C.

If plant air is the selected compressed air source, it is vitally important to ensure that the air network can deliver the full volume of air required to the blaster at the stated pressure, without any loss of volume caused by other consumers coming on line. It is also important to make sure that all filters, dryers, piping and hoses, including the fittings and connectors, are of sufficient internal bore to deliver the air volume required, as any air shortage will drastically affect blasting performance.

To download a quotation for a new System 2000 dry ice blaster please click the link and complete the information request for our records. Please click here for the Terms & Conditions that apply. We will follow up the enquiry in a business like manner, but we will not pass on your details to any third parties.

System 2000 Nozzle Configurations.

Click for information on 90 degree nozzles

Click for information on long reach angled nozzles

Click for information on straight nozzles

Technical Specification System 2000

Dimensions L X W X H 770 x 490 x 700 mm
Dry ice hopper capacity 20 kg
Dry ice feed rate 20 – 40 kg/h
Compressed air connection 1″ BSP
Weight empty 55 kg
Air supply hose (ASH) 25 mm NB x 10 m
Blast hose assembly with:
Air hose, and 25 mm NB x 5 m
Ice hose, sheathed together 19 mm NB x 5 m
Compressed air hoses 16 bar
Dry ice hose 10 bar
Blast unit internals 15 bar