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Costs of Cleaning

Cleaning Costs

The cost of cleaning can be simply split into equipment costs and running expenses.

Equipment Costs

A price list covering the dry ice blasting machine and accessories can be acquired through the “Products + Pricing” page or by calling or mailing us as detailed below and providing basic details of where you propose to use the equipment and the application.

The most important cost consideration will be a supply of compressed air. If you already have a plant air supply in the area where you plan to use the dry ice system you need to establish if your compressor capacity is sufficient to run the blaster for your application without starving your existing air users. You will need a minimum 1″ supply line capable of providing between 2.5 cu. m/min at 7 bar to 7.5 cu. m/min at 10 bar. Please call us to discuss your application to enable us to advise the air volume and pressure you will need. A lot of good dry ice work is run off standard 7 bar systems, and it is often only necessary to bring in the standby compressor when blasting to ensure all parties have enough air.

If you do not have any spare compressor capacity you will need to budget for between £10K and £15K in the UK to install a new stand alone compressor system or purchase a suitable Diesel driven mobile compressor for site work. However, if you have existing compressor equipment an upgrade by your existing supplier may cost considerably less.

When choosing a new compressor do not choose a low capacity unit, except for the simplest tasks, as this is false economy because cleaning efficiency rises rapidly with higher air capacities, making the payback of the small extra investment for a larger compressor very rapid.

If you are in doubt about selection of a compressor, we will be pleased to review your proposed specification. Please email sales@cleansurface.co.uk. or call +44 116 224 0072.

Running Expenses

The total running cost per hour of a Clean Surface dry ice blaster is dependent on its utilisation, the compressed air source and the cost of consumables. Assuming that existing compressor plant can provide the required volume of air, the running expenses a for a system operated in the UK in 2009 is made up approximately as follows:

  • Dry ice @ 30 kg/h (This is the same for all Nozzle sizes)
  • Power cost of 10 pence per kW for compressor motor rated at 55 kW for high pressure blasting
  • Compressor motor efficiency: 92% on full load (55kW)     85% on standby (11 kW)
  • Equipment depreciation at 20 % per annum
  • 2000 hours utilisation per annum
  • Operational utilisation of 60% on full load and 40% on standby
Depreciation £0.90
Power £4.10
Dry Ice £30.00
Rounded Total £35.00

The dry ice cost is based on the purchase of 300kg per container, per delivery inclusive all charges. As usage increases the delivered cost per kg will decrease.