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DRY ICE BLASTING Application Sheet 504


Use Clean Surface System 2000 to:504-1

  • Clean hot tooling on the casting machine.
  • Clean without abrasion and loss of tolerance.
  • Safely clean near electric cables, pneumatic lines, and hydraulic hoses.
  • Reduce machine down time

Dry Ice Blasting allows die coatings to be removed while dies are in the casting machine and at operating temperature. The process literally blasts particles of dry ice – solid CO2 – into the coating where it immediately sublimes into a much larger volume of CO2 gas. This causes the coating to break up and free itself from the die as small particles, which are then cleared away by the blast stream.


Because the dry ice particles sublime completely during the process, there is no secondary waste to dispose of and no possibility of entrapment of solid residues in complex die cavities.


504-2Dry Ice Blasting is non abrasive and will not damage die surfaces or change tolerances and critical features, e.g. corner radii.

To get the best results from Dry Ice Blasting clean dies hot and in situ. This reduces cleaning time, lowers the cost of dry ice used and increases die productivity.

The Clean Surface System 2000 costs less than £30 per hour to run for most applications and its use for a few minutes can save hours of production down time.