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DRY ICE BLASTING Application Sheet 503

PCB Probe Mat Cleaning

Use Clean Surface System 2000 to:503-1

  • Ensure reliable testing.
  • Reduce down time.
  • Clean test probes in situ.
  • Reduce rework expenses.

Dry Ice Blasting is an excellent method for cleaning contaminants, such as flux residue, dust, fluff, oil and grime from the surface of test probes. The process literally blasts particles of solid CO2 – dry ice – at high velocity at the surface of the probes. The particles penetrate the contaminants and immediately sublime into a much larger volume of CO2 gas.

The sudden expansion causes the contaminant to break up and be carried away, and because the dry ice sublimes upon impact, there is no media or chemicals to be disposed of.

503-2Whereas conventional cleaning methods use either force or chemicals to remove deposits, Dry Ice Blasting is a non-abrasive process, which will not attack the probes, or the surrounding area. This allows test probes to be quickly cleaned without removal from their fixings.

Regular Dry Ice Blasting can ultimately save time and money at the production level. Probe life will be extended, and reliable testing will reduce the chances of false failures, downtime and rework expenses.