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DRY ICE BLASTING Application Sheet 502

Petrochemical Site Cleaning502-1

Use Clean Surface System 2000 to:

  • Clean instrumentation in situ.
  • Remove stubborn dirt and grease.
  • Safely clean cabling and plastic or rubber piping.
  • Reduce waste management


Dry Ice Blasting is an ideal cleaning method for petrochemical sites, as it avoids the waste management problems associated with conventional cleaning methods. The process literally blasts small particles of solid CO2 – dry ice – into the dirt layer. The particles immediately sublime into a much larger volume of CO2 gas which causes the dirt to break up and be carried away.


502-2There are no media, chemicals, or solvents to be disposed of and no abrasion to the surface. Dry Ice Blasting will remove dirt and grease without any damage to sensitive areas such as instrumentation, electrical cabling and pneumatic control circuits.


The System 2000 runs entirely on plant air, (min. 2.5 m3/min at 5.5 bar), available on most petrochemical sites. This combined with the inert properties of the cleaning process makes it an attractive alternative to chemical or solvent-based processes, which both carry disposal risks.