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DRY ICE BLASTING Application Sheet 501

Cleaning Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) Moulds                            501-1

Use Clean Surface System 2000 to:

  • Clear blocked steam vents.
  • Prevent damage to vents.
  • Clean hot moulds on the machine.
  • Reduce machine down time.

Dry Ice Blasting is an excellent method for cleaning blocked steam vents in EPS and EPP moulds without damaging the moulds or the vent inserts. The process uses compressed air to carry pellets of dry ice at high velocity to the blockage, usually lime scale, in a similar way to conventional abrasive blasting.


The similarity between Dry Ice Blasting and abrasive media blasting ends when the dry ice pellet reaches the area to be cleaned. Instead of abrading or effectively scratching the scale away, the dry ice penetrates the scale surface and then sublimes into a much larger volume of CO2 gas.


501-2The sudden expansion to gas within the scale causes it to break up and be blown away, leaving vent holes clear. There is no media to block the vents, no chemicals or solvents to be disposed of and no abrasion to either the vents or the mould surfaces. Dry Ice Blasting will not damage surrounding equipment, so it can be used in situ and on hot surfaces, thereby drastically reducing machine down time.