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Dry Ice Blasting is used for an ever increasing number of applications. Some of the most common are:

  • Mould and Tool Cleaning
  • Maintenance of Production Machinery
  • Cleaning Production Machinery
  • Removing Contaminants
  • Cleaning Food Processing Equipment
  • Removal of Coatings
  • Refurbishment of Equipment for Re-sale
  • Refurbishment and Maintenance
  • Decontamination

The list below contains links to some Clean Surface Application Sheets which can be downloaded:

Application Sheet 501 Cleaning Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) Moulds.
Application Sheet 502 Petrochemical Site Cleaning
Application Sheet 503 PCB Probe Mat Cleaning
Application Sheet 504 Diecasting
Application Sheet 505 Rubber Mould Cleaning
The following guide lists some of the common industrial materials that can be removed by dry ice blasting either from the surfaces to which they are applied, or cleaned off the equipment or tooling used to apply or process them. Some typical examples are given, but the list is by no means exhaustive and specific advice can be obtained by calling +44 116 224 0072 or e-mailing sales@cleansurface.co.uk for advice.
Typical surfaces from which the material can be removed
Typical equipment from which the material can be cleaned
A Adhesives Glass, Metals, Painted surfaces, Plastics Applicators, Coating machines, Labelling machines,
Animal feed Metals, Plastics, Rubbers Bagging machines, Extruders, Dryers
Asbestos Brick (with care), Concrete, Metals, Piping. NOTE: Safety Regulations. Boilers, Buildings, Heaters. NOTE: Safety Regulations.
B Biscuit Conveyors, Moulds Baking ovens
Bitumen Concrete, Glass, Metals, Plastics Construction & Road surfacing equipment
Boiler scale Boiler internals Manifolds, Valves
C Carbon deposits Commutators, Electric and Electronic components, Metals Electric motor windings, Engine cylinder heads, Generators, Printed circuit boards (PCB’s)
Chewing Gum Street paving Process & packaging equipment
Chocolate Conveyors, Moulds Process & coating equipment
Combustion residues Boiler membrane walls, Fire tubes, Flues Burners, Combustors, Exhaust systems, Reaction chambers
Crude oil Holding vessels, Piping Drilling equipment, Valves
D Die Coatings Aluminium, Steel, GRP Casting & hot forming moulds

Dough Vessels, Mixers, Provers, Conveyors, Mechanical parts Kneading machines, Conveyor chains and drives
F Fermentation residues Vats Distillery & brewing equipment, Fermentation vessels
Fish residue Working surfaces Cutting and slicing equipment
Flavourings Glass, Plastics, Rubber, Stainless steel Mixing & applicator equipment
Flour Millstones, Plastics, Rubber, Stainless steel Milling & process equipment
Fluxes Printed circuit boards (PCB’s) PCB contact probes, PCB test equipment
Fluxes Brazed, Welded & micro-welded components Brazing or Welding jigs and tools
Foam residues Cables, Ducting, Hydraulic hoses, Mould vents EPS and EPU processing equipment
G Grease Practically all Acts as a degreasing process
L Logos Glass, Metals, Painted surfaces, Plastics, Rubber Screen and tampon printed components
M Mastics Glass, Metals, Plastics, Painted surfaces Applicators, Sealed components
Meat residues Bones, Hides, Metals, Plastics Animal by-products, Cutting and processing equipment.
Milk scale Glass, Stainless steel, Plastics Processing equipment
Mineral oils Practically all especially as degreasing process Electrical and mechanical components, Surfaces to be coated.
Mould release agents Low MP Alloys, Aluminium, Composite tooling, GRP, Tool & Stainless steel etc. Moulding Tools and adjacent press equipment.
O Oil, Grease & Dirt Cables, Ducting, Drive shafts, Gears, Hoses, Switchgear, Machine components etc. All machines and engines especially when refurbishing
Organic Growth Ceramics, Metals, Stoneware, Plastics Holding tanks, Water storage and purification equipment.
Overspray Glass, Metals, Painted surfaces Plastics, Rubber Spraying equipment, Jigs, Tools etc.
P Paint Glass, Metals, Plastics, Rubber Conveyors, Sprayed components, Jigs, Pre-painted panels
Paper residues Metals, Plastics, Painted surfaces, Rubber Drying rollers and evacuation hoods, Printing presses
Powder build up Metals, Plastics, Painted surfaces, Rubber Food and powder processing machinery. Pharmaceutical processing machinery
Printing inks Metals, Plastics, Painted surfaces, Rubber Printing presses
Process spillage Machinery surfaces Process machinery
Protective coatings Metals, Plastics, Painted panels, Stored tools and equipment
R Radioactive contamination Practically all Generally tools and equipment that need to be removed from active areas
Resin Metals PCB curing ovens, Dies, tools and moulds used to extrude or form resin containing materials e.g. boards, composites, felts
Rubber Composites, Metals Moulding press tools and press ancillaries
S Smoke Glass, Metals, Plastics, Rubber, Stone & Brickwork Buildings, Ducting, Ovens, Machinery, Fire damaged goods
Sugars & Syrups Glass, Metals, Plastics, Rubber Processing and transport vessels and equipment
T Tar Glass, Metals, Plastics, Rubber Construction and processing equipment
V Vegetable oils Glass, Metals, Plastics, Rubber Food processing and frying equipment
W Wood pulp Glass, Metals, Plastics, Rubber Paper making machinery

Cleaning food processing equipment