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About Us

about_topClean Surface Limited

14 Highmeres Road

Leicester LE4 9LZ

United Kingdom

T: +44 116 224 0072

F: +44 116 224 0074

E: sales@cleansurface.co.uk

Clean Surface (CSL) is a privately owned UK based SME managed by its owners.

Initially set up in 1995 just to design and manufacture dry ice blasting machines, the company has expanded its activities, which today include:

  • Sales of dry ice machines worldwide, including special designs.
  • Short & long term rental of equipment to contractors and end users.
  • In house cleaning services available from two cleaning bays.
  • On site and in house training of customer’s operators.
  • Production of dry ice pellets for blasting and other applications.
  • Supply of packaging for transport of temperature controlled goods.
  • Technical support for all customers, agents & distributors.
A V10 Le Mans racing engine block being dry ice blasted in our facility as part of the regular programme of the engine refurbisher.
We can handle parts up to 1.8 m wide and 3.2 m long with max weight of 1500 kg

Dry ice blasting is often used to replace simple cleaning operations, but because dry ice is a complex process that must be understood and applied correctly to get the best results, we take pride in offering an “Engineering Approach” to all that we do.

To find out how we can help solve your cleaning

problems, please read on, call +44 116 224 0072

or e-mail sales@cleansurface.co.uk